Guttering Repairs and Replacement Sydney

When planning maintenance for your Sydney roof, don’t forget about guttering. Proper guttering is critical to prevent exterior rain damage and ground erosion.

With an Empire Roofing guttering, fascia, and downpipe installation, our products and workmanship will exceed your expectations and come with a guarantee. We have a wide range of profiles and weather-resistant high and low gloss finishes to fit all your Sydney guttering needs.

We use Ace Gutters products. They are a completely Australian owned company, all their products are manufactured in Australia, and they have been an industry leader for over 60 years.

Profile Options-Guttering

This gutter is directly installed to roof rafters. It is both a gutter and a fascia. The flow rate is 5 litres/second.

Smaller than the Nu-Line gutter, its front profile is similar but with a flat back to fit flush with the fascia. With a flow rate of 2.5 litres/second, this option is still good for areas with heavy rainfall.


Excellent for carports and garages, this is a square front gutter with overflow holes in the front.


The European semicircle design is larger than most gutters, allowing for more water capacity and speed. Debris is easily cleared with a self-cleaning feature. It is available slotted or unslotted, and has a flow rate of 1.5 litres/second with overflow holes or 2.5 litres/second without overflow holes.


Similar to the Half-Round Gutter in size, shape, and function, the major difference is a flat back.


Originally used on colonial style homes, this traditional high-front gutter is becoming more popular in new construction. It is 20% smaller than the Mini-Line, has overflow holes, and is available slotted or unslotted. Its flow rate is 1.5 litres/second.


Similar to the Ace Quad, it has a lower front and no overflow holes. Please note, this product is not available in all areas.

Fascia Options

Steel Fascia:  Steel fascia is an efficient alternative to timber fascia board. It requires significantly less maintenance and never fades, so does not need to be painted. Most new construction uses Steel Fascia.

Barge Soaker:  When flashing and weatherproofing, Barge Soakers are the most visually appealing product on the market.

Fascia Cover:  Fascia Cover goes over any existing timber fascia boards to cover those that have begun to fade or rot. Since its profile is the same as Steel Fascia, it can be used over old fascia to match that of Steel Fascia in projects where new construction meets existing structures.

Valley:  Valley is available in three popular colours (black, grey, and red), and is ribbed to complement the Steel Fascia and Fascia Cover. In addition to its water protection features, Valley can add subtle texture or become an accent element on your roof.

Downpipes Options

Rollform Downpipe 100 x 50mm:  This smaller Rollform Downpipe has a flow capacity of 3.5 litres/second.

Rollform Downpipe 100 x 75mm:  This larger Rollform Downpipe has a flow capacity of 4.4 litres/second.

90mm Round Downpipe:  Flow capacity for the Round Downpipe is 4.2 litres/second.

Ace Exclusive Colours-High Gloss (80%)  |  Ace Exclusive Colours-Low Gloss (25%)

Ace Classic Colours-High Gloss (80%)/Low Gloss  (25%)  |  Ace Stylish Colours-Low Gloss Only (25%)

Colour Options with Specific Products