The NEW LOOKThe new look system is where the pointing is applied after the painting to give the roof a more modern look making it look like a new roof rather than a restored roof.

REPOINTINGPrevent cracking and water leaks on your roof.
Our flexible pointing can seals cracks and prevent future cracking by applying an 5mm acrylic premixes compound over the roof bedding.

ROOF MEMBRANEThe final coat of roof membrane is applied to the tiles enhancing the look of your roof and adding value to your house

VALLEY REPLACEMENTReplacing your old valley with a colourbound valley you will be assured that no more water leaks and not having to replace your valley for the next 25 years valleys come in diffrent colours to suit your roof

GUTTER MESH Install Gutter Mesh to prevent blocking and rusting on your roof gutters while still allowing water to flow and control water overflow during heavy rain. This system is easy to maintain and free yourself from climbing the ladders to clean your gutters.

GUTTER AND FACIAReplacing your old rusted gutter with an ACE quad gutter and facia cover giving your house a modern look and knowing that all the rain water will end up in the drainage rather than around the house building up moisture under the foundation which attracts white ants.

Empire Roofing offers roof cleaning, roof restoration, repairs & painting in Sydney

Empire Roofing is a proudly locally owned and operated Australian business. We are a family owned business roof company in Sydney with a professional roof cleaning, roof painting, roof repairs and roof restoration history spanning over 10 years. We provide a roof restoration Sydney knows and trusts, and we have years of extensive experience working on residential and commercial roofs.

Empire Roofing offer free quotations to customers who need our roofing services in Sydney, which is part and parcel with our dedication to customer service. We ensure that the quality and long lasting final product by using top quality paints and equipment. We love helping people in every way possible.

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